Pearl Thusi was the host for the 6th season of Tropika Island of Treasure after having competed in the 5th season herself.
For the 6th season, with the focus on the consumer entrants, the show came to consist of 6 lucky winners drawn from USSD entries that drove sales. Each winner was filmed in either Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban for a winner's weekend. The actual series was filmed on location in Mauritius  where the 6 finalists competed in a series of challenges in order to eventually unveil the location of the treasure. 
I conceptualised the base mechanics of the show, art directed all print, oversaw director's treatments and oversaw the filming of the TVC on location in Cape Town. I also oversaw filming on the winner weekend episodes in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. I was also responsible for offline and online approvals and overseeing final mix of audio in studio, as well as the recording of radio spots the host and winners every month.
Furthermore I also completed various stings, title straps and opening & closing billboards for the final show. This involved fluid simulations in RealFlow and animation in Cinema 4D. I also completed two of the six DPS's that advertised the show and art directed POS, in-store media and billboards.
For the sixth season of Tropika Island of Treasure the concept of the show was shifted to make celebrities out of ordinary people as opposed to previous seasons where well known South African celebrities competed for the prize. This drove stellar entry figures as the average consumer now stood a chance to become famous (and rich) themselves. 
The opening and closing billboards took about a week to render on two machines using Maxwell Render. The simulation was completed in RealFlow and then imported, shaded and animated in Cinema 4D.
There were 4 stings per episode and they were created using Element 3D directly in After Effects.
Behind the scenes on the shoot for the Tropika Island of Treasure TVC. It was a loooong day in beautiful Cape Town. I represented the agency as CD during the shoot.
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