Baz tries some mind games to get viewer totals up.
Marketing budgets for Super M flavoured milkshakes had to be tightened and they required some fresh way to reach their target market. A YouTube series was born, with brand ambassadors Baz & Stretch representing and engaging the brand on what would total 6 in-stream ads.
These ads, supported by POS and in-store media, as well as on-pack messaging and USSD entry mechanics, drove three mini campaigns with daily prizes all eventually leading up to the main prize - an all expenses paid trip to Ibiza, Spain for you and your friends.
I helped conceptualise the scripts and scenarios for each of the animations, did supporting illustration work and completed all animation, compositing and motion graphics work, as well as editing, on each of the animations. Turnaround was approximately 2 weeks per animation.
I also worked on POS, in-store elements and billboards, as well as a working mobisite wireframe for the next campaign.
Baz & Stretch get some unexpected and exciting news.
Baz & Stretch hold auditions.
The guys are sore that they didn't qualify for Ibiza so they're getting there on their own steam.
Baz & Stretch will do anything for some extra money. It also leads to a little surprise they didn't see coming.
-Baz & Stretch explore alternate dimensions.
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