The ad needed to fuse the existing cg brand world with the real world setup of the show. 
A generational approach was taken with the 2nd season to appeal to the sense of family and the passing down of recipes.
A complete TTL campaign created in order to increase sales and build brand love at the same time. The initial ideas all involved the AFP (Advertiser Funded Programming) space, but didn't quite take off until I came up with the "parent-child teams" angle in order to give the show a unique selling point and also to involve the whole family as opposed to just having kids or adults compete in isolation from one another.
This provided the sought after dynamic and tension that we'd been looking for and the show has been a resounding success. It's just been renewed for a third season. The show format has also sold to Japan and America.
I was also involved in the conceptualisation and art direction of the print ads for both seasons. I oversaw the shooting of the season 1 print ads, as well as the TVC shoot. This also included director's treatments, offline and online approvals and final mix of audio.
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