Corné & Twakkie name some crazy discoveries, but can they Name The Shape?
The client brief required a solution to be found to advertise a campaign that had been launched without proper deployment of resources and with little consumer awareness surrounding the campaign at that stage. The leftover budget had to be utilised creatively in order to try and salvage the situation.
The campaign was centered on naming a specific shape of liquorice in Beacon Allsorts. Agency's solution was to create a YouTube in-stream ad that advertised this campaign, by having well known South African comedians Corné & Twakkie try and figure out the name for themselves. The ad featured them in various fictional settings making bogus discoveries and naming the discoveries. When it comes to the Allsorts shape though, they are stumped.
The second ad centered around the new white packaging that the product had transitioned to and that consumers could look out for. Corné is confused by the all-white wearing "imposter" claiming to be Twakkie and doesn't recognise him, so Twakkie has to prove that he is indeed who he says he is.
I helped conceptualise and art direct the two ads. I also completed all editing, compositing and visual effects, grading, titles and motion graphics on the project excluding the very last section on each featuring the exploding pack animation.
Corné interrogates "Twakkie" to find out if he's the real deal underneath the new white exterior.
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